7 Yoga Poses for Hips



Tight hips are a common problem for most people. The hip tightness is caused by prolonged periods of sitting, either at work, in front of a computer, watching TV, eating your meals or driving.
This abundance of sitting shortens and tightens the group of muscles called your hip flexors. These muscles connect your thighbones to your pelvis and spine. Discomfort may occur anywhere in your hips or lower spine.
Being an athlete can also cause tightness in the hip area. Running, walking, cycling and hiking increases strength in the hip flexors, but doesn’t stretch them.
Sports like golf, tennis or baseball can also cause hip issues, as you’re always swinging in one direction, and not the other. This causes muscular imbalances along the hips and spine.
Athletes who include yoga as part of their work out routine find an improvement of joint discomfort, as well as overall performance.

Today I’m going to show you some yoga postures that you can practice at home to help open up your hips and stretch out your hip flexors.
Be sure to hold each pose for at least a minute for best results.

If you feel any sharp pains while you’re in a posture, then it’s a signal to back off. It’s important to listen to your body, and do what you can, especially if you’re a beginner.

7 Yoga Poses for Hips

-Pigeon Pose
-Lizard Poe
-Butterfly Pose
-Happy Baby Pose
-Garland Pose
-Goddess Pose
-Reclined Hero Pose

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