6 Yoga Poses for Hair Growth



Long healthy hair is a reflection of beauty, vitality and youth. Some people experience thinning hair or even hair loss, which is related to genetics and your lifestyle. This includes: stress, hormonal disorders, poor nutrition, medical treatments or the overuse of hair products.

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and improve circulation to your head. Here are some yoga postures that you can practice at home to help reduce hair loss and improve hair growth.

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In a forward bending posture the spine takes shape of it’s natural form, like in the womb. This is beneficial to the nerves, as it creates space between every vertebra, which increases the circulation around your spinal cord.
In this pose, your head is lower than your heart; therefore you receive more circulation to your face and scalp. This can help prevent hair loss. It is important to keep length in your spine, and to stay grounded with equal weight on both feet to benefit the most. These bends are beneficial to reduce tension, calm your mind, and sooth your nervous system.

Rabbit Pose is the most intense forward bending pose, which is opposite the camel. It brings the most stimulation to the crown of the head, because you’re bringing in weight to the top of your head.
This pose brings blood and nourishment to your brain, which is great to improve the condition of your hair. Rabbit pose can also help to balance your hormones, as is stimulates the endocrine system. It relieves mental fatigue, insomnia and depression, and also improves memory and focus.

Camel pose is an intense back bend that stimulates and increases muscular flexibility of the spine. With the gravity pull, there is an increase of blood circulation to your head. This means that the sensory organs are stimulated and activated, which can help with hair loss. With this increase of blood supply to your brain, you are improving hormonal function, disturbed sleep, stress and anxiety.
When opening the chest in camel pose, you’re expanding your rib cage. This increases the lung capacity, allowing you to inhale more oxygen into your body, which is an effective way to rejuvenate your skin and hair.

Downward dog is an excellent pose for stretching and strengthening your body, as well as having rejuvenating and invigorating benefits to your body, mind and spirit.
Downward dog is like a half inversion, and is great for those who can’t do the full headstand or shoulder stand. It helps reverse the effects of gravity by improving circulation. Being upside down sends blood and vital nutrients to your brain. This is great to stimulate hair growth and help prevent hair loss.

Cobra pose opens up your chest and reduces tension and fatigue within the body. As you breath in cobra pose, your rid your body of toxins and revitalize and rejuvenate your hair, keeping it looking healthy and vibrant.

Being upside down in shoulder stand reverses the effects of gravity. This increases circulation bringing fresh blood and nutrients at the deepest levels to the upper regions of your body. With improved blood flow to your head, you can heal many discomforts such as: headaches, congestion, constipation, asthma, sore throats and any women’s disorders
Inversions are the best way to improve hair growth and enhance facial radiance, making you look younger.

This pose can be performed before bedtime, as it promotes deep sleep and helps those with insomnia. We all know that sleeping is the cheapest way to regain your beauty.