6 Yoga Poses For FLAT ABS & Stomach For Women



These simple yoga sequence helps you to tone your abs & get a flat belly.

You don’t need crunches to get a flat stomach. There are many yoga asanas that deliver you a flat belly just by spending 15 minutes a day.

Yoga Asanas For Flat Stomach – Let’s understand the benefits of yoga on toning tummy. Flat stomach yoga exercises trigger your heart rates and there by helps to burn calories. On highest level the benefits are more than just getting a flat belly, by performing regularly you will get strong immune system, increase your flexibility and get a flat ab. In its rudimentary form, these flat stomach yoga exercises fire up your core muscles, triggers better digestive power, and reduce belly fat and strengthen your core muscles.

We’ve all seen supermodels with the perfect bodies and a sleek & flat stomach. We’ve all wanted bodies like them but haven’t been as lucky. Thankfully, practicing yoga for flat stomach is now a widely accepted concept and it’s helping millions of people to effectively achieve this goal from their home. However, if you are super serious to get a flat stomach, you must take a managed diet along with practicing yoga asanas for flat belly. This will rejuvenate your stomach and give you a flat abs.

Still wondering how to start this sequence? Our DIY video explains you 6 simple and easy yoga poses for flat stomach. All these asanas are performed a certified yoga instructor and quick to learn. Feel free to follow this video and start your yoga for flat stomach sequence.

Ideally it takes reasonable time and efforts to see solid results. However, if done correctly these yoga poses can bring quicker results. Please note you need to follow a gentle workout sessions at the beginning and slowly increase the intensity. Not only these yoga poses helps you to get a flat tummy, you see several other improvements in your metabolism. So go slow and don’t take stress.

Yoga asanas for flat stomach – Here are the yogic exercise sequence for getting flat abs:

# Hasta utthanasana / Crescent Moon Pose – (This yoga pose helps in digestion, stretches and tones the muscles of the abdomen & helps in getting flat stomach)
# Ardhahalasana / half Plough Pose – (This yoga asana stimulates abdominal organs, reduces belly fat and lose weight.
# Naukasana / Boat Pose – (This asana strengthens the abdominal muscles, removes belly fat and gives you flat stomach.
# Sampattasana / Plank Pose – (Plank Pose tones all of the core muscles of the body, including the abdomen, chest, and low back and tummy.
# Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose – (This yoga asana gives your flat stomach and 6 pack abs)
# Ushtrasana / Camel Pose – yoga asana is beneficial in getting flat stomach and sleep belly)
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Yoga For Flat Stomach For Women: Why yoga asanas works so well for the women? Being a women, you have challenges to spend time for flat stomach regime. However, this yoga sequence works nice for you because you don’t need to step out of home and still you can achieve flat tummy. Not only these yoga sequence for flat stomach sequence helps women, it’s equally beneficial for men. Do you need more reasons for doing yoga exercise sequence for flat stomach?

As a beginners, you must ensure to take the help of a certified yoga instructor before starting yoga poses for ab.

So what are you waiting for for? If you’re looking to achieve a flat stomach and celebrity styled abs, this video will help you to get there. It fits to your daily schedule and, is a perfect solution to getting flat belly and working on abs. Yoga for flat stomach is brilliant option for both men and women based on their ability to perform individual poses, consistency and how much time they are spending in a day.

All poses shown in our yoga for flat stomach video has been performed by a trained yoga instructor.

Before starting any physical activity or exercise, always consult your physician.

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