5 Yoga Poses for Heart Chakra



The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is located in the center of the chest.

Governed by love, creativity and your sense of touch, the heart chakra is closely connected to various emotions such as compassion, honesty, respect, forgiveness, jealousy, anger, self-expression, happiness, generosity and the love you have for yourself and others.

Having an imbalanced heart chakra can lead to various diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, respiratory problems or upper back problems.

Here are 5 yoga postures to open your heart chakra:

Camel Pose is an intense back bend, a progression from Bow pose and is a great heart opener. The camel is a strong animal.
It represents the ability to accomplish the impossible and to go through life’s challenges with ease.
If you feel disconnected from the world, family or relationships or are struggling with forgiveness, practicing camel pose can help you express your feelings and find compassion towards others.
This pose is quite advanced, but well worth the benefits. It aims at opening up the chest, promoting lymph drainage, and opening up your heart chakra. That’s why it’s associated with love and inner emotions.

Cobra pose is beneficial in many ways, both physically and mentally.
This pose is named Cobra because it resembles an upward position of a serpent snake.
It works on opening up four chakras within the body. The root, navel, heart and throat chakra.
If practiced on a regular basis it can help those with asthma, as it expands the chest area. It also helps to improve posture and flexibility of the spine by working on the nerve junctions that run throughout the spinal cord.

Fish pose opens up the heart and throat chakra.
Since the heart chakra is connected to your lymphatic system, which is your central immune system, these glands are stimulated in this yoga posture.
In Fish pose, you are opening your rib cage, lungs and upper back, therefore opening yourself to more love.
Deep breathing in the pose is encouraged to enhance the pose as it provides extra oxygen into the lungs.
It also stretches the bronchial tubes, which is great for people with asthma, as it promotes easier breathing.

Bridge pose opens the chest, heart and hip flexors, and stretches the chest, neck, shoulders and spine.
It Calms the body, alleviates stress and mild depression, reduces fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia.
It’s a wonderful pose to open up the heart chakra, and relieves symptoms of asthma and high blood pressure.

Cow’s head pose strengthens the chest, the lungs and the heart.
Take the left hand from down folding it at your back trying to catch hold of hand to hand.
Look up over head and stay for a few moments, breathing normally.
Repeat the same on the other side to complete one cycle of this posture.

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