5 Yoga Poses For Headache Relief



Can Yoga Poses Help for Headache Relief?

Yes, specific yoga poses can definitely help to relieve your headaches.

Yoga poses can be an excellent natural remedy for headaches without side effects of drugs and at no extra cost. To treat or relieve your headaches, the yoga poses described below should be included into daily fitness regimen.

5 Yoga Poses For Headache Relief

Yoga Pose #1 : Simple Seated Twist Pose to relieve headaches

Yoga Pose #2: Grabbing Opposite Elbow Behind Your Back Yoga Pose

Yoga Pose #3: Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose to cure headaches

Yoga Pose #4: Garudasana or Eagle (Arms Only) Yoga Pose

Yoga Pose #5: Yoga Side Stretches Exercise for tension headaches

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