30 min Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workout I Yoga with Tim



This 30 minute Total body Vinyasa Flow Workout is a great well rounded sequence.

This practice is focused & steady, with an emphasis on feeling the subtlety of the poses to that the brain creates new pathways for refined movement.

When practicing observing the position of the body, listening to the cues and then feeling what’s happening in the body & with the breath there is learning.

Through mindful movement we help to unite the body, mind, and breath in the practice. This creates a more meditative practice designed to help bring us in to our bodies to connect and grow. Also, by learning to use our muscles properly in the poses our posture will start to change, the core will work even without doing “core work”, pain will start to leave the body, and you will start to feel a sense of lightness and freedom in your movements.

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