2 Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain – With Dr. Melissa West – All Levels




Do you have shoulder pain? If so, this video is for you. Today we have a special guest on ChriskaYoga, Dr. Melissa West from Yoga with Melissa. She will show you 2 quick yoga poses that you can do anywhere to relieve shoulder pain.

The first one is eagles arms. To make it easier bring your elbows close into your body and lower down. To make it more challenging move your elbows further away and up more. Move these arms all around and turn your head side to side for a neck release as well.

The second one are some simple movements to relieve long tight muscles. Instead of making them longer and tighter like a guitar string that is going to snap we will create some slack in them. Lift your shoulder up to your ear. Then bring it forward. Bring your shoulder back and then lower your shoulder down. Feel the difference between both sides.

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