✭ 5 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain for Yoga Beginners: Amazing Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain



✭ 5 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain for Yoga Beginners: Amazing Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

In this video you will learn how to low back pain.
Video for those who hurt his back and in pain. With the help of the exercises described in detail and illustrated in this article, you can manually get rid of soreness in the lower back, as well as strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen to prevent problems in the future. You can characterize these exercises like yoga for the back.

Each exercise (asana) should be performed 3-5 minutes each day. Within a few days you will feel the improvement. Back pain will go away.

Do not practice yoga during pain attacks, and for 48 hours thereafter, or until the pain subsides sovsem.Prekratite class, if during yoga you feel pain, tingling, onemenie.Vypolnyayte asana slowly and smoothly, make long breaks between asanas, breathing slowly. Avoid postures that can worsen your condition. End the practice of prolonged shavasana by placing the knees and lower back Bolster or a folded blanket.

During pregnancy, a list of recommended asanas significantly reduced. Among the key that you can carry out (if it is possible, it is better – under the control of an experienced instructor) are the following asanas: Butterfly Pose Sit down and join the heels and soles of the feet, pull them to the stomach as much as you will be comfortable in this position. Put your hands on your feet and relax. Straighten your back, stretching the spine. It is important to feel like your back is pulled up, and the buttocks at the same time fall down. Hips neatly to the sides and relax.

Then make two or three deep breaths, and lean his hands on the surface in front of him. Head, shoulders, neck, should apply a little forward, shoulders and elbows as much as possible to relax. Take a few deep breaths stomach, slowly leaning forward. Rotten to feel as expenses and relax your hips. Feel like the buttocks gently rushing down to the pleasant feeling of tension. In this position, do two or three cycles of deep breathing. To exit the pose butterfly first hand return to his body, and then stretch, bringing your upper body in an upright position. With this posture increases the flexibility of the pelvis, which will contribute to a favorable flow of labor. Cat and Cow Pose This is the basic position for pregnant women who practice relaxation even those women who have never heard of yoga. It is also recommended to obstetricians.

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