‼️How Do I START YOGA❓ Yoga + Stretching for Beginners



☝️is probably the most common question I receive. So I decided to make this class/guide!
These are the poses that I started with and I still practice them nearly every day – as far as personal experience goes, I consider them to be my ‘essentials’. For those just starting their yoga practice, I also added an introductory guide to breathwork – because…well…breath is one of the foundations of yoga; and I believe it’s the gateway to flexibility and translating the physical practice (asana) to every day life!

Follow along with this video – it’s lengthy because it’s meant to be a full class (if you’d like you can compliment it with “Flexibility Guide to Splits” and skip the first half of this video.

What you’ll need:
4 blocks, 1 yoga strap (9 ft), blanket/pillows, yoga mat, wall (i used my couch/bookshelf for camera angle sakes, but use a wall to be safe!)

Pose sequence:
1. Breath work
2. Cat/Cow
3. Reclined Thoracic/Shoulder Opener
(Skip if you’re practicing flexibility guide to splits)
4. Reclined Series: twist, hamstring stretch, half happy baby, reclined pigeon
5. Modified Downdog
6. Modified Forward Fold
7. Lizard Lunge
8. Half split
9. Extended puppy stretch
10. 3-legged Downdog
11. Pigeon stretch
12. Janusrisasana (seated tree): forward fold/side stretch
13. Half Frog
14. Cobra Pose
15. Supine Shoulder stretch
16. Seated Twist
17. Paschimotonasana (seated forward fold)
18. Reclined Pigeon with Wall
19. Reclined Straddle with wall
20. Savasana

Do your best to find length in your low back (instead of rounding, sit up tall) and take your time. Flexibility takes time for the body to open up, be patient and concentrate on feeling the stretch rather than achieving the pose.

I hope this helps some of you with your journey into yoga – or for those who just need to stretch! I hope this helps!
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